Would you date/be in a relationship with your best friend? Pros/cons? Tips? Etc?

I've recently (2 days now) have been broken up. Obviously when your in trouble you rely on friends to comfort you. I only have one really good friend and he's my guy friend.

We've been friends for like 10 years now, I've always wondered if I've been making the wrong decision not dating him. But I don't want to ruin our friendship.

But at the same time if friendship is stopping me from being with the right guy it kinda sucks...

I can see us being romantic together but mostly relationships aren't just hugs and kisses and cuddles... Being sexual together might be awkward

I don't really know what I'm asking or trying to say here... But hoping you lovely people can help me out


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  • Only and IF ONLY I thought he was the one. My intuition is usually correct and every now and then, it is very rare, but once in a while my intuition will tell me that I belong next to someone. Whether it's a friend, a bypasser, or potential boyfriend. I would have to have that feeling that us being together could result in an amazing, delightful love story. Otherwise I'm not risking a friendship for someone to date -_-

    As I've gotten older, I've realized most people you date are nothing more and nothing less than momentary lessons in the grand scheme of things. That's pretty sad if there was actually a wonderful connection there that became momentary. Especially with this culture that encourages viewing sex as a play thing when reality: sex will ALWAYS complicate a connection. Sex, in all of it's glory, can have the potential to entirely smother the future of a connection. I've seen it happen with so many different people in so many different ways. To me, it's just not worth it. Good friends are golden and I'm not going to jeopardize that for an experience that I can probably get elsewhere.

    • Pros: You would be dating someone who already knows you inside and out. That cozy, comfortable atmosphere is already established so all you really need to add is romance and sexuality.
      Cons: You risk sacrificing what may be one of the most valuable presences in your every day life. Even if you guys manage to exit each other's lives tactfully, things will never be the same. Some friends are not meant to be romantic no matter how well they mesh.

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  • 2 days? Wait a bit. Re-bounding onto your friend is probably the most dangerous way to approach this. Give it some time. Try not to treat him any differently.

    As for the potential of it working: if you've been friends for ten years there's a good chnce of it working out as a relationship, and a better chance of the relationship ending amicably if you simply don't work together.

    Take it slow. If you keep flirting with him while you are single, and he keeps responding. Then try asking, in a non comital way, if he is actually interested. You can laugh it off as banter if he says 'no' nd you'll have your answer.

    • I'm not saying right now just I'm general the break up is bringing the thoughts out tho

  • I don't think that's awkward at all. Just tell him how you feel and if he reciprocates your love, then get at him. If you are too scared to be straight up with him, slowly escalate things (physical stuff, flirting) and see how he reacts. Hope this helped :P

    • I'm not too good at telling if people are flirting with me but it feels like we've kinda been flirting with each other on and off for the past 10 years lol

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  • yeah i would if i saw potential there.

    i think u should give it a BIT more time. try to figure out where he's at, and if he would see it the same way u do. dont move forward if y'all aren't on the same page. u dont wanna make it awkward, jus b really indirect about it so it doesn't creep him out