When do you get a score on the hot or not app? Waited 3 days. Also, are people capable of seeing beyond looks at first sight?

I'm kinda lost. God. This all started cause I wanted to spend time with someone with a movie. I am so used to pampering someone. It feels good to make others feel good about themselves and their lives. Anyway aside from my stupid moment. You should probably help me answer the question. Totally new to the site too =/ so hi.

Let me restate my question because I feel like I've given a shallow image of myself. We can get an idea of who a person is by interacting with them, but quite literally, that first glimpse of someone. Does it set in stone? Predetermined love?


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  • Hi there and welcome :) Don't know about the Hot or Not thing but when it comes to girls, most of us can Definitely see beyond looks at first sight. I read another answer somewhere that put it perfectly but I'll try: the thing is about attractiveness is that its a whole package - not just a guys looks, but his manner, the way he holds himself, talks, acts - it's a lot to do with confidence, charm, charisma and the preferences of the girl herself. So yeah, looks can be important, but they are certainly not everything. I've had a crush on this guy for years, and it's mostly because I find his intelligence so appealing. Hope I helped


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  • Well hi newbie:)
    as for the app, I'm not sure cuz i dont have it.

    for ur second qs, for sure! while looks help people define that first impression, others can look beyond that and really try to search out WHO a person really is.


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