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Okay so I'm 17 and this guy that likes me is 16 and is in a grade below me. He really likes me and wants to date and I like him too but not as much to where I want a relationship. I've never been in a relationship before and I'm kinda awkward and scared about it. We've made plans to hang out a lot around the start of school next month. If we do start to date then I may break up with him because I'm going to be a senior and leaving school after this year. Should I date him but break it off because of the end of school or not even date him? I don't wanna hurt him. I'd feel bad.

:( I am so confused


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  • It seems this guy likes you more than you like him. Its good you dont want to hurt him but you going along with something your not enthused by isn't gonna help his and your case. Hangout, have fun, hook up. Dont worry about a relationship. Maybe in time you start to fall in love. But dont let him rush or force anything


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  • What's the point of dating someone and breaking up with him? Are you planning on being friends with benefits or what? If I date a girl, I wouldn't let graduation stop anything, I'd keep in touch and work things out unless I didn't care about her.

  • Date him, and keep dating him, you don't have to stop just because of school

    • But I'm planning on moving after school for college. It'll seem difficult.

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    • But I don't really like him as much as that.

    • Then don't date him at all

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