Given this situation... Am I Wrong to Wonder?

Went on a few dates with guy I meet at work (but do not work directly with). he's AWESOME. Really nice, trustworthy etc. Told me he'd be honest, and he wanted to hang out and seee where it goes... etc all the right lines.

We have plans for tomorrow, and I know he worked today. After his "Good morning beautiful text" we engaged a few texts, and around 2 I asked for confirmation on the time of our plans tomorrow. He told me he'd answer me soon because something at work was crazy. (Given his job this makes sense)

That was 6 hours ago. Now, if this was a normal guy, one who didn't promise to be honest, give the I want to get to know you talk, and didn't text me all the time. I wouldn't wonder.

I explained I just wanted cofirmation of the plans and okay. Then latter I hoped he was having a good day, I was excited for tomorrow.

Last night we had an amazing talk, this just doesn't make sense. He has had issues with his phone, and I was thinking of texting him and saying...

Hey, I think I'm having issues recieving texts, have you been trying to text me? Still on for after you work tomorrow?


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  • No, I think anyone would wonder what was going on and that text sounds good to me.


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  • Just wait for him to contact you. You don't want to ruin it by looking clingy

    • Fair enough! Thanks! I guess even if he is having problems, if I am not acknowledging his texts he should clue in and do something about that thanks agian

    • Absolutely. Best thing to do is nothing. I'm sure he will get back to you when he is able. Then u haven't freaked out and made him think u r clingy

  • No, dont text him yet. Just chill, relax, get some things done for yourself and do not think about it too much. ;) Before you kknow it, he will get in touch.

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