What does this even mean... should I trust him or even give him a second chance?

I fell in love with my FWB, he was all I thought about (still is), he treated me amazingly and treated me nicely. But then we got in a fight and he had sex with my (ex) friend (who I introduced him to). He said he feels bad and he told me he's gonna continue to talk to her but he promised he isn't gonna have sex with her... he said he isn't gonna be mean and cut her off. He said he's trying to figure himself out and stop being a 'hoe'. He said he wants a commited relationship one day but not now... he said we can be friends til then, does he deserve a second chance? Or nah? He's the only guy I really want... I love him.

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  • You only had a friend with benefits type of situation, did you two make a promise to be exclusive to each other? If not, then he did nothing wrong. That's why friends with benefits are so difficult in my opinion, I feel like someone always (or usually) catches feelings.

    I would say, what do you really want? Do you still want him in your life? If so, then give him another chance but you'll just have to remain friends until he is ready for a relationship. You can't pressure him into something he isn't ready for, that will only push him farther away from you. Try to be patient. You seem like a sweet girl, sometimes these things just take time:)


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  • I voted no but actually why not? People are confused and if it was a girl who was doing this instead of a guy people would be like "go her!" So honestly if you think that he might love you and be afraid or whatever it is then try to not just seduce him sexually but get him to fall in love with you by getting to know more about his personal life and being there for him etc. All my best relationships have been because I persevered.

  • I'm not going to vote, because I dont think the question is fair to the situation.
    He clearly isn't interested in a relationship now, and if you continue having friends with benefits interaction with him you are liable to get hurt. I cannot see that he will be happy with exclusivity, if he is unwilling to commit to a relationship.

    I might be being old fassioned, but I cannot see a way this can end well for you, and is the fundamental problem with any friends with benefits arrangement (someone always gets attached).

  • Are you for real lol this dude is trying to sleep with as many girls as possible
    "He said he wants a commited relationship one day but not now"


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  • both of u are in friends with benefits which means sex is merely the reason why both should be together for that purpose. i dont think u should trust him much given that he already mentioned he is not ready for anything serious yet. by having sex with a friend (ex) of yours, i just dont feel he can be trusted much

  • A second chance for what? He was never yours... You can't be mad at him for having sex with other people, that's part of the friends with benefits relationship. He doesn't want to be exclusive, he doesn't want to slow down, he's probably just getting started.

    • Thing is, he knows I have feelings for him and he slept with my (ex) BEST friend that I introduced him to...

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    • You'll probably hate me for saying this but you're not even legal yet. You don't even realize how big the world is, or how much hard work actually goes into the "fairy tale" you believe just comes so easily. It's not your fault, you're just young and inexperienced, your number will come up and when it does you'll know.

    • I turn 18 in a week and I've been through more than a lot of people... I won't go into what, but I have. I grew up years ago... sadly.