Letting her go or other options?

So i've gone out with this girl over 4 months on five dates, cause I was really busy. Anyway, once the physical contact escalated, she got worried and we had a talk. I learned that she was really hurt in her past by a guy and that she needs time to heal from that and she wants to make sure the relationship is more than just being intimate. I respected her and wanted what was best for her and told her that If I was preventing her from healing, I would move on so she can better herself. She didn't want me to necessarily move on and she needed time and convincing to prove that I want her for more than her body. Anyway, after a couple weeks she was sick. I bought her flowers and some candy, and she was super thankful and really thought that was sweet of me and couldn't thank me enough when she called. But every time I ask if she wants to do something casual she acts like she really wants to go, but has been sick and with friends the past two times. I would think she would want her friends to meet me. I don't know, I really care for her but should i just tell her that I feel like I'm putting 100% effortt into this and need some assurance that she will do the same. Cause there's others that would probably put more effort into this, But I would like to work this out so I don't lose her. Whats the best way to talk to her about this or should I go no contact or move on? Thanks


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  • It seems as though you are not really committed to the relationship because you're asking for reassurance on whether or not you should move on to someone else. You've waited a few months, what's a few more? and no I am not telling you to play games with her. She may want the relationship to slow down a bit especially when she opened up about her past. I am guessing she just broke up with this other man right before you both started dating? So with relation to the whole "her hanging out with everyone else besides you", why don't you ask her directly? just don't come on too strongly.

    • yea, I will go talk to her. I wanted to take it slow by just doing casual fun little things, but every time I try to plan one, it doesn't happen. So Ill just see where she stands.

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