I have issues... But it doesn't mean I'm awful?

Hey I'm mad matter... I'm 16... I weigh 138 pounds... I'm 5"7... Long legs short upper body... 34D... Dress casual but also feminine and cute... I have a loud personality... I like to make dumb jokes... I'm witty... I can be obsessive at times... needy... Depend on people... "clingy"... I've never had a boyfriend... But a few flirtationships... I have way more guy friends than girl friends... I like to act silly and I'm a really playful person... I laugh a lot... I ride horses... I read and write knit and smoke weed... I'm comfortable talking with guys and just bullshitting... But no one really wants to take that next step with me and date me... But they'll hit on me and have a flirtationship with me... I'm not the type of person who runs around and fucks every guy that lays an eye on me... I'm a virgin... In every sense of the word... Or blows the block if you know what I mean... I have diagnosed... Depression... ADHD... preoccupied attachment style... Undetermined mood disorder... Bipolar condition... Anxiety... Learning disabilities... And an executive functioning disorder... I'm a cutter... And I've tried to kill myself... But not over guy stuff... No I'm not that pathetic... Just giving you a full picture of who I am... Sexually abused so I get a little awkward around guys sometimes... I'm a little shy... And I have a lower self esteem than normal... But not rock bottom... I really want to date someone... I have people I like... But I just want a step by step fool proof plan created by a guy... To help me out with le boys... I can talk to guys... I'm super nervous around cute guys though or guys I like... Someone just help me... I'm kinda lonely and everyone of my friends has a boyfriend... Or girlfriend... The only guys who've asked me out are the guys literally no one would date... So yeah...

  • Give up you're hopeless/dress sexier
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  • Id date you/keep trying/you're perfect
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  • Id date you but only for sex/become a hooker
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  • Maybe you've been pursuing the wrong guys/let them come to you
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  • You have too many issues no guy wants that/date people online cause real guys will run
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  • everyone has issues, especially in high school. I know what's it like to be a 16-year-old girl, and that shit is not easy. everything gets better when you get older. if you go to college (and you should!), you will meet a lot of people, grow into yourself, and figure out who you are. it will make you gain confidence and learn to associate with people who like and appreciate you. hang in there!

    • I just feel like that odd girl out... And yeah... Thanks for the support

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  • If I could pick B and D I would. We all have our issues and sad stories, and someone is going to love you for who it made you. I was in a similar situation when I was in high school. The I got a job by the college I was going to start in the fall and really branched out. Shortly after school started and things changed dramatically being in a new setting. Half way through I realized I had found my soul mate and now were getting married in 10 months. It will happen when it's supposed to. High school is miserable and getting out, going to college helps so much. I still suffer, sometimes extremely bad, with my depression but it's still better now.


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  • I think twice or a thousand times before i Date a girl with low self esteem.
    You'd HAVE to be the one to be bold and make the first move.
    You have to make it clear that you will NEVER EVER cut yourself again.
    DO NOT act like a over-attached girlfriend or needy. Especially in your case, he will think that you would attempted suicide if you broke-up. Doesn't matter if true or not.
    Again in your case avoid joke that are too stupid.
    Loud is never good and i hope you don't get upset or cry easily!

    And give those guy A chance, see how it goes, if you don't give them a chance why should the others be different?
    Guys also look for love within a stable relationship, they want a partner.
    The picture that you present is not good, not good at all.

    • Well I'm fucked

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    • And that's the thing... The guys who've asked me I'm not attracted to... At all... In any sense... :/ I have bottle water money and wine taste...

    • Well, you could try short guys, they can be great and may give you a chance.

  • Are you a boy or a girl?

    • I don't know why it's calling me a guy

    • Because you are in a guy account, obviously.
      If you say the guys who asked you to date are the only ones no one would like to date to, than you may be that person aswell.
      If you wan't to cry, cry alone in the bed or in the shower, don't say to everyone looking for attention. And don't cut yourself unless it's for suicide. If its just to pain release you can listen to music and cry, does the same thing.
      Stop smoking weed, what the hell is that for? to look cool? weed will only give you bitchy personallity.
      Stop being that way, you don't know what true problems are. Be nice to people and friendly, guys will like you.

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