I like him but do I want him?

so im dating this guy and i like him a lot and he makes me smile but even he comes with a lot of drama for example my friend likes him and people keep making rumors up. should i keep the relation ship going? or should i end it?

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  • In the simplest way of looking at it, do whichever is going to lead you to be happier. If being with the guy brings you more joy than the baggage and the rumors take away, then the relationship is a positive aspect of your life and you should keep it. If everything that comes with dating the guy makes you more unhappy than the guy makes you happy, move on.

    In reality, you have to consider the other factors. Are you risking losing your friends if you keep it going? Are the rumors going to ruin/give you a reputation? Could you ever really see this relationship lasting... say until after high school? There are a lot of factors that should play into this, and it requires more info than whats included in your question. If you think of all the pros and cons of each option though, I'm sure you'll get a pretty clear cut answer.

    • you are right but i know her personally and the guy too and they are both the best friends i ever had i don't want them to rush things or not be together... he does have a really bad past and her friend keeps saying rude things about anyone who dates him...

    • I guess I should also add, depending what types of things are in his past, please make sure if you do go out with him that you aren't putting yourself in a bad/unsafe/unhealthy relationship. His friends saying mean things may be there way of trying to push people away so they don't end up getting hurt by this guy, who they may know more about than you

    • very true...

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  • look that guy is sensitive and my best friend go out with him and find out who he really is :( please

    • i know and he's so loving and sweet but van i take the pressure?

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    • and don't mention this to him because i don't need him putting pressure on me about my problems also because we have tryouts tommrow and i don't need anymore stress

    • ok i won't i promise i am serious i don't wanna effect this for you

  • I am not going to tell you what to do. I am just going to ask you a few questions that you should think about:

    1. How is he taking all of this?
    2. How does HE react to the rumors?
    3. How does he act around other girls?

    • he's nonchalont about it and is ignoring it and around other girls he acts like a regular guy because im not the clingy type and idc if he flirts with other girls because i got him

    • Okay, well if he is truly, honestly, 100 percent doing as you have said... like without a hint of doubt completely clean... then the question is if YOU are willing to deal with it.

      If there is even a hint of doubt though, just be cautious because it does not take that much nor that long for a flicker to blaze up into a flame.

      You are in charge of assessing the situation here and then acting accordingly.

      Good luck, best of wishes :)

  • What rumors?

    • none of your buisness

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    • I mean if you can handle the rumors and drama then just deal with it but I know from personal experience that rumors suck. :/

    • thanks very helpful

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