Long Distance Relationship?

My boyfriend and I are together for almost a year now and he is studying college on the other side of the world. I love him to death but its so hard to maintain everything with the distance we have, i also don't know if i can do it, I'm used of doing almost everything with him. What should I do? Should i keep going or break up with him?


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  • if you love him and u think he's worth it i would keep going weather its hard or not everyone goes threw this ur not alone i would keep myself busy and try to work ur way into being more independently on ur own so u can get a place and have ur own stuff so i would look at it as u getting your guys life started so you guys can move in together in the future or when he's done with college u guys can move in and u have the money to either move over by him or get him over to where u are and its not like ur holding ur life off for him if u have ur own stuff and bought most of the stuff for a place with him i would stick in it because he is sticking in this relationship and being faithful to u and he's not mentioning a break up so i would stay with a guy who is willing to wait for me or care enough about the relationship to want to make things work out most guys aren't like that so yeah i would stay in it

    • He never ever want to talk about break ups. He already planned our future and also he does every decision considering me which worries me sometimes. After my college, i'll have my law so he said he will wait for me. So far, as we evaluate everything its not gonna work. out Idk, i feel like I'm holding my future/life for him because one has to sacrifice. Our parents keep us working together but it seems to be falling apart. But i appreciate the advice. I will stay in it until I/we can. #lovelots

    • well i hope it works out and i hope you follow ur heart and whats best for you :)

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  • It is better to carry on the relationship as long as it can be carried. If your partner can wait till you finish your studies and go back, then it is fine otherwise you will have to break it. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to suppress the physical need.

    • I appreciate the advice. I will go on with this relationship til I/we can.

    • thanks for liking my advice.

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