Please help me I need an answer quick?

So this guy and i have been fighting 4 the past couple of weeks in the relationship. Now im gonna see him less often and if i dont make the effort 2 see him 2morrow were gonna fight 4 weeks on and settle it in such a long period of time i odnt have. Or should i just give iun and make up with him. Cause i dont wanna wait till next week 2 battle out our fights. now or never. should i settle.

  • Settle , tomorrow and make up.
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  • Keep fighting dont settle cause u dont have time 2 fight.
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  • Don't give up on it because you don't want to feel like you're wasting time on fighting. If you think that this is something worth keeping together, fight for it, not against it. otherwise, if you don't want it to continue, give up and walk away.


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  • What are you even talking about because you make no sense. What have you been fighting about?


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  • The way you worded this is very complicated. I want to give you an answer but I'm slightly confused...

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