What is the difference between dating and being in a relationship?

Well, I am in need of clarification. I asked a question on here a while ago, and it lead to this question. I always thought that "dating" and being in a relationship were the same thing, but apparently they are not

So, what is the difference between the two. When does dating become a relationship?


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  • Dating can be construed as a casual form of a relationship, but it's not a bonafide relationship.

    The kind of relationship you are referencing is where both people have committed themselves to one another without the use of ceremonial rituals (i.e. marriage, commitment ceremony, civil union, etc).

    Dating in this case, is where two people have a heighten interest in one another, and agree to see one another socially for the purposes of discovering if a relationship is at all possible.

    I think that covers it, let me know if you need more help.

    • Thank you. You pretty much said what I was assuming. Thanks for your help

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  • Dating is one kind of relationship, others forms of relationships include friendship, sibling, parental, ...etc. Obviously, what happens in any one kind of relationship differs.

    There is a common goal in any kind of relationship, though, happiness.

  • Terms like these have no fixed meaning these days. That's why it's vital to define terms and expectations as specifically as possible.

    To me, however, a "relationship" usually implies that a couple is more committed and exclusive, while "dating" is a bit more casual. But my definition probably will disagree with that of others.

  • Well you can be in a relationship with someone without dating them. A relationship is basically a State of connectedness between people therefore you can relationship with your mom but you certainly don't want to date her. Then dating is when you are going out on dates with someone. But they are easily related because people say they are in a relationship a lot.


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