I'm scared to approach because I don't have fancy clothes and I'm not above 6ft?

Im recovering from being homeless and i only have two pair of shoes at the moment and im only 5ft10


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  • Doesn't matter. Approach.
    You'll never know what might have been if you don't. just don't show her you're not confident. IF you need to, fake confidence (smile, be nice, charming... joke around).


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  • Money attracts the women that you want, and struggle attracts the woman that you need. And, the right woman won't look for fancy clothes, just a plain tee and pair of black pants will do. Just smile and be confident. And 2 pairs are enough, She will be loving you for you not for your shoes.

  • Dude you can date any women easily at your given height. Many American chicks are shorter than you.
    If you have the personality, you have woman.
    I am 5 feet 8 and i wish i was 5ft 10 at least but doesn't matter you are fine.

    • You have no troubles right?

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    • I love this comment. All this focus on height. Apparently a fucking homeless dude has more game than me just because he's taller than me. Fuck you homeless dude. Fuck all y'all entitled pieces of shit.

    • @CellLuddite
      Hahaha wassup bro! Why are you angry? How tall are you?

  • Congrats for recovering from homeless. At this point just concentrate on getting yourself back on your feet. You should concern yourself with approaching LATER.

    Your height's fine though.