I really like this girl and im at a loss?

had a crush on her for about two years and still counting. But the problem is, im a girl too. I had been same classes with this girl for three years and counting. My school is an ALL GIRLS school. there's quite a lot of couples in our school so i dont think it bothers much. I really like her alot. She's pretty, popular, capable and smart. I just get butterflies when im around her. We play fights alot. She hits me and I hits her back, i even hit her inappropiately before and she just hits me back like it didn't affected her. And we are all smiles when we do that. She sometimes get abit of touchy touchy and i love it alot. Our classmates often teases us being a couple, and she usually have not much of a reaction. She just kept quiet. Im usually the one shrugging it off or changing the topic. I once cornered her to a wall and her back slammed against the wall, and she say "it hurts" in a seductive way. Im afraid to escalate it further because im afraid it is obvious that i like her, I just can't afford to let people know, Im afraid things will get awkward between us, as we had classes when I sit beside her. I dont even know if she's les. But i know she supports LGBT and she watches gay youtubers and finds them cute. Im suspecting she likes a senior in my school who is also a girl. I really want her and it hurts because im a girl too. I would love to ask her out and hang out with her after school, but she's really popular and hangs out with a lot of people. I tried to forget about her, but I see her everyday and I just can't do it. Whenever she's close to someone else, my heart dies a little. Advices please?

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  • You Still have to show face in your school, face all the cruelty and ridicule that you Most likely would Encounter Should Anything Be found out or even-----Get awkward between us.
    As much as it is killing you, as much as it hurts inside, you need to think of yourself right now and the repercussions of Something as Delicate as this, sweetie. Kids can be cruel, and haven't changed much from even when I was going to High School, and believe me, even a slight wind of What you're trying to do or have it in mind To do, they will Never let you live it down until you pick up your diploma and everyone parts way.
    Stay friends with her, be civil, and when you graduate in the future, you'll have More Reins and Rule on your own life because It will be-----Your own business, no one Else'.
    Good luck. xx


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  • All you can do is ask her out, whats the worst thzt can happen? She will say no... Then you know whats what! Just do it already, your putting yourself through unecessary heart ache, your going to have enuff of that later in life, have fun and ask or move on

  • If you're a girl, why does it say you're a boy?
    Anyway, why don't you just try asking her out? Or asking her if she's lesbian?

    • Its my bro's acc tho, im lazy to create one.. I dont think she will want to go out with me because she has her friends and stuffs.

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