Why am I never asked out? & How to know if I'm being flirted with?

I've been told I'm a very sweet, cute girl. I'm smart and I have talents. I've had random women customers at work for no reason tell me that I'm beautiful/pretty. I'm a little shy when you first meet me but I warm up to people and become more outgoing.

So what could be the reason that I haven't been asked out in over two years? Is it because my initial quietness is off putting?

Some of it could be that I have a hard time telling if guys are being nice or are trying to flirt. So, any tips on telling the difference?


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  • Feminism gave women equal rights.
    In other words, why should you be asked and not go ask out a guy who you like?


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  • Guys can be intimidated by your shyness because it means they can't tell if you'd say yes or no if they ask you out and no guy asks a girl out thinking they'll say no. I think you should ask a guy out if you want to, its 2014 not 1952, its normal

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