Should I not feel this way?

I am seeing a lovely man we are both in our early 30s for nearly a year. We live so far apart it takes him 2 hours to get toe but he does when he can. We get on well I do think the world of him yes it's all about sex and friendship and we are close as can be , we message every day. Last night we met and we had a laugh and sex I love it ls does he , the friendship is great even tho he had to leave to go back home because his mother was ill so after 4 hours together he had to drive to 2 hours back home :( . I do miss him a lot but in my heart I do have feelings for him I can't tell
Him because I just can't :( I don't want to ruin things as it's great. we are so a like in everything we do it's so nice. I have even been mean to him the day before because he couldn't make it he had no money to come see me so I argued and called him horrible things he said did I mean it all I said no then he said good. He lent money to come and see me last night. Any other man would have told to do one but he always sticks around even when I'm horrible he says it's because he likes me. Should I tell him how I feel or just keep it to myself? The friendship is nice I don't want to ruin things what should I do


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  • It doesn't sound like you're "friends" (since you're having sex) and I'm thinking you're a bit old to do friends with benefits (just my opinion). You like him, he really likes you, I don't see the problem in telling him. I mean you probably shouldn't go for "I love you", but you can definitely tell him that you like him a lot and appreciate his efforts. I'm quite certain he'll be happy to hear that since he's been through a lot just to see you. Also, don't you have a car or is there another reason why you never go visit him?

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