She's on my head and I can't get over it, now my boyfriend is mad?

today i slept over at my boyfriend's place
he tried to have sex twice but i didn't let him
because i'm still pissed of him keeping a girl i asked him not to keep, he says she's a friend and her sister is as well,
I dont like her and her sister.. he has them on Insta, fb, bbm , snapchat and everything while I don't have him anywhere but whatsapp saying it's better this way" his point of view" this is not the biggest problem

When I let him sleep without sex , woke up without saying any word even when I talk to him he doesn't say anything back he's soo mad he didn't even call to check if I went back home as the usual

why is it a problem since I said I have my period, i lied but i didn't want him to know that I'm thinking about this fucked up girl who caused us so many troubles..

what should I do
it's getting unhealthy
i'm so sad and I really want my baby the way he used to be
that guy who calls to check on me, makes plans and keeps me everywhere in his life..

now i feel i'm not important to him
everything is but Im not

i wanna feel loved and mattered to him as before... :/


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  • Why don't you like these girls? How we'll does he know them?

    • She lied saying i threatened her, and she called him crying saying i called her brother, and he believed her so we broke up two months before, swear to god I didn't do any of this here comes what i really believe, is that she likes my boy a lot she wants to ruin our relationship

    • Let him go... Too much drama. He shouldn't get mad because you didn't want to have sex.

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