Telling your date what time you have to leave?

I talked to my mom about dating (I am 16) and she said that she will let me date but doesn't want me out more than a couple hours at a time (in most cases - I will negotiate this for something like the movies). She will also the one transporting me to and from since thry won't let me start learning how to drive until next year.

Has anyone else done this where they told their dates what tine they have to leave in advance?


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  • That is absolutely normal at your age, esp. if you have a driver.
    I think it is much more fair to tell her in advance, rather then suddenly rushing off.
    Ginger_13 is right, your date should understand that.


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  • Well I haven't been on a date yet but I know that my mum will probably do the same thing and if your date doesn't respect your mum's decision then your date doesn't deserve to be with you!


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