When a girl or guy kiss with their eyes open , what does it mean? Do anyone else do it too? And if you do what are you thinking about?

Am dating this guy for about 3 weeks so far but yesterday when I open my eyes after we kiss he's eyes was open. I ask him why does he look at me , he just reply I don't know, I always do it. What does it mean?


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  • sometimes i forget i have my eyes open lol. i dno. doesn't change anything i still enjoy the kiss


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  • Probably means nothing, I guess some people for one reason or another just don't automatically close them. I was discussing that with my guy the other day, like why most close them and we tried having them open a few times. Let me tell you it not only feels super awkward and takes most of the passion out of the kiss, but you also see everything pretty out of focus and not all that clearly.

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