Guys how can I show the guy I like that I understand his busy working life but still want to be a part of it in some way?

Guy I got talking to recently and liked for ages. Got his number and we have been talking over a week. Everyday by text and he has phoned a couple of times. He asks how I am and asks what I am doing. Also puts xxx's when I say goodnight.

We met at his work. We get on well and have a lot of banter. I am very attracted to him and he says he is to me to. Everytime. i would go where he works he would seem nervous then get loud and. sing and pay special attention to me. Since getting his number I did not go the store as I figured it would be too full on.

However date has not happened yet only been one week. But we planned to meet on Thursday that has just passed as its meant to he his day off but if he's called in he has to go. he let me. know and apologised and he texted all evening. He is always apologising and saying sorry for long reply but I felthappy as hr texted every hour when he had a moment spare. He works in a 24hour store so has a hectic schedule.

He says iI am. more then welcome to visit him at work so I think after work tomorrow I should surprise him with a visit as he has mentioned that he would want to me to see him and said I am more then welcome to come in. Guess anytime I can get with him. is vital until he gets day off to go out somewhere. What cute thing could I do when I drop by. Bring him a cake?

I want him. to know I understand his lifestyle and still want to see him. We spoke on phone yesterday and he was ill at work and sounded down would like to cheer him up. He has not texted much since Wednesday but does say he's not ignoring me and does want to talk he prefers phonecals now and so do I its much more efficient for both of us.


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  • Id say , keep calling him sometimes, and definitly go see him on the job, you'll see if it cheers him up. Go have some small talks with him and try to plan something relax and simple. If he works a lot he should be glad that you think about activities to do together.

    • Yeah he asked me to call. I guess cus he's so busy calls easier then text. Yeah I want to see if he lights up or smiles least then I will know if he thinks I am. special. to him in some way. What activities as he's at work lol

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    • That sounds great, he definitly appreciate when you're around. You're on the right path!

    • Yeah I agree. Miss him though

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