How did you meet your gf/bf? Where were you and what happened?

I was out with one of my friends at a local club. I was dancing the night away and having a good time. Suddenly, while walking to the bar I see this guy.
He was big time looking, had this big smile in his face. This really tall guy with green eyes that looked so mischievous and dangerously sexy. I had butterflies in my stomach..
I was hooked from that moment on.


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  • I am not seeing anyone at this moment but I met my ex my freshman year. I went to his face and told him I hated him. We were at the public library and both applying for jobs.

    Two years pass and we sorta still hated each other?

    Then one day he asks me to hang out. I keep rejecting me until he begged me to. Finally I accepted and we went on dates. I fell in love with those beautiful blue eyes and his golden blonde hair. His smile, laughter, all so addicting and precious to me.

    Our relationship was filled with everything you could ever dream of. Love and passion but anger and immaturity (for both) seem to show at times. One day, he acts strange. I worry so I asked him what was wrong and he broke my heart.

    I have yet to recover from the pain.