How to tell my parents I'm dating an older man. Or any other solutions?

I am 19. And I have been seeing this guy for almost 5 months now. I was living with a roommate for 6 months, and thats part of the reason why I am now actually seeing this guy. I am really happy with him, but my roommate said that she's moving back in with her parents. Which may san that I have to move back in with mine. One problem, my parents don't know about my boyfriend, and my boyfriend is 35 years old. And it might ruin things with him if i have to move back in with my parents. Advice?


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  • 16 years is a big difference at your age, but it won't look out of place when you're 29 and he's 45.
    You might be able to keep everyone happy, maybe a 50/50 chance.
    I reckon you'll need to have a good talk with your daddy, and convince him you have some responsible long-term plans. I think you'll need to do that before you "find" this boyfriend and introduce him.
    There are some good arguments you could use to convince him. I'd be older than your daddy, and I've even learned a few things in recent years.

    Leave it with me, and I'll get back to you.


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  • Enjoy him while you can. Sometime in the future it is likely that you will only have memories of him. Make sure that you try every exciting new thing with him so that in the future you won't regret not doing some pretty cool stuff when you had the chance. Be careful sweetheart

  • it won't last long with him anyway. As if you can't find nice boys your age. You had to choose the ''grandpa''. Women are impossible...


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