Smaller fit girl with bigger guy?

So I'm 6'2 220 lbs, but I'm not really "fat" I have just got a little bit of a gut. I do a lot of weight lifting and work on a farm, so I'm real active I have never had a girlfriend and never had a girl tell me im hot or good looking so thats kind of a damper on what I think of my self.
Anyways, I've got this (girl) friend, she really beautiful and I like her a lot, but were just friends for now because we can't date until were 18. I have told her that I like her but she only said we should become better friends first because like I said before neither of us can date until were 18. so my question is.. did she put me in the friend zone by saying we should become better friends, or not? and if she did, is it because I'm a bigger guy?
Her: She's does basketball, softball track and all that stuff so she is very in shape and very good looking. and I think that because she is that way she could get about any guy out there, so that kind of makes me nervous.

by the way I'm 16 and she's 15.

If your a girl reading this, and you like bigger guys please leave what you look like plz!

and if you have any questions about anything to do with this please ask.


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  • maybe she wants to be just friends. and since you can't date until 18(I still don't get why) all you can do is be friends or good friends as she suggested. when a girl likes you she doesn't care about your measurements! she cares about your heart. if she doesn't appreciate your heart she doesn't deserve it. :)


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  • Try friends with benefits because if u guys can't date until ur 18 (i don't get why) this doesn't make sense, if she accepts the friendship with benefits then she likes you and if she says that she just wants to stay friends then she friendzones you but don't worry there are many girls around there who like bigger guys :) and not many guys who like girls who are as fit as the girl in ur description... don't worry you deserve her^^

    • thanks! I just really hope I don't get friend zoned, and I can't date until 18 because that's what my parents said, and its the same with her

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