A guy told my friend this? What does it mean?

"Don't tell (Insert my name), she will get jealous"

This was said by the guy i like (we work together/good friends of 4 years/he is leaving company in a few months).

Our dynamic has changed both extremely flirty and he is very touchy at work. We message each other often.

He said that to my female friend at work (who knows i like him) after she made a joke about them being on a date (they had to go to a function for something to do with our work)

in the same week he went on a date and kissed a girl.
he is not a player i know this, i also know he is not slept with many people.

I've also had a diff male at work point out that he thinks the guy shows jealousy when i talk to other males or get there attention. B4 i was keen on this guy, i was just friends with him. back then i would get the keen vibe from him, now I'm biased.


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  • From what you've said here, I think it means he knows you like him and he's trying to keep you from getting hurt by him dating other people. I don't think he wants you himself, otherwise he'd probably be trying to make you jealous as a tactic. Plus, he wouldn't go on a date with someone else if he had been working on getting one with you.

    • that is what i feared, however, his actions don't add up. Past 6 months signs of being very keen , then this throw in the mix so confusing :(

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    • do you think maybe the guy was waiting for you to make a move, and he gave up eventually. My guy in question has been making obvious signs he was keen, and implying. He once told me in regards to me being single. "How do you know you don't already know the guy you are meant to be with. He could have been in your life for years and you just dismissed him" he also makes jokes about how i say i would never go a guy at work, and asks me about my dating life constantly. (i have recently said doesn't matter if i work with the "one" i will over look it.

    • No because if I look back now I see he acted the same around everyone not just me.

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