Guy said I look really weak and vulnerable?

So I was hanging out with my friends and when we where out we met up with some Of her friends. When we got back to the apartment we where all hanging out and joking around. I've met this group of friends like 3 times and whenever I met them they always seemed really nice and outgoing. Anyways one of the guys started getting a little buzzed and began talking about his first impressions of all of us, and when he got to me he was like " oh I remembered you Amy, you seemed really nice and sweet. It's good your all small and stuff, but your height makes you look kinda week and vulnerable". After that I had to leave but what the heck. I kinda get it I'm small and shy and I look younger than most of my friends, but I highly doubt I look defenseless. I mean what was even going on? Why do you guys mean when you say that


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  • First I would never say anything like that, so I don't think all guys would say something like that. Perhaps he likes girls who are bigger than he is? haha

    People equate smaller with weaker but it isn't always the case. Chalk it up to a guy who was drunk and probably a lot less intelligent than you are; stupid drunk people's opinions are not worth much. lol

    • I agree with Charming27, that's just a person being immature and having no filter.

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  • Gross! That's so effing gross! Like WTF is wrong with him?

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