Guys, would you date a girl like this?

GUYS would you date this girl or run off in the other way? Or drop her off in the friend zone?

Personality: Shy, awkward, sporty, laid back, sarcastic, really funny, loyal, protective, creative, polite, weird, random, Tomboy
Looks: long straight brown hair, green eyes, short, toned, broad build, big breasts, plump bum, skinny
Interests: shooting, gaming, drawing, running, swimming, not much else...
Dislikes: Shopping, makeup, partying, drinking, smoking, drugs.


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  • OMG!!! That girl would be my perfect match
    I would date her and marry her
    The fact that she likes gaming and sports is enough for me
    And she really is loyal and polite and i can imagine that she is pretty from your description

    That is the kind of girl i'm willing to date and marry

    Unfortunately that kind of girls does not exist and it exists --> very rare


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  • I'd date her in a heartbeat.

  • Ooooh you don't like shopping. Thats not good.


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