And so now... what should I do?

Why do guys speak to many girls @ onçe? Also if a guy speaks to many girls @ onçe... is it possible that he'd be unfaithful in a longterm relationship... y do guys cheat in the 1st place?


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  • It depends. I personally don't think speaking with multiple people, regardless of if you're a girl or a guy is bad, early on when you are just looking and not actually in a relationship.

    One reason people do it, is because it keeps you from becoming too attached to someone who you aren't in a relationship with but still interested in. Its also a way of keeping your options open and maximizes your chances of finding who is right for you. As long as you aren't intentionally leading people on to make them think you're really into them when you aren't, then I don't seem the problem.

    Now once you start dating someone for a while, I think the person should begin to focus on the relationship. Not that talking to other people harms it but your goal is no longer to find somebody but to make the relationship with your significant other successful.


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  • I think you're assuming that all guys do that -- they don't.

    But tbh, I don't know either :/


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