Has anyone dated a true narcissist? What was your experience?

I dated a narcissist who was cruel, emotionally distant, mysterious and downright evil. He broke up with me but led me on to believe he wanted to get back together when he didn't. When I cut all ties with him, he panicked and is trying to weasel his way back in. Anyone have similar stories?


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  • My first girlfriend was kinda narcissistic but I don't know if she was full blown narcissist. She turned our relationship into a yo-yo game. She'd want me to date her, ignore me when we were together, we'd break up, and back to my 1st point. This would repeat.

    The one thing she was really big on was blaming me for her own wrongdoings. I'd have a problem with her seeing other guys when we were together especially since they were exes who I knew just wanted to sleep with her. She'd twist the story and somehow I was to blame!

    • Yes, the yo-yo thing is very classic behavior. They don't want you when they have you but then want you again when you're unavailable. It's a never ending heartache.

    • Yea I got fed up with it. It was safer to keep her wanting me without letting her have me then it was to commit.

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  • Many girls I dated were narcissists.

    Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one's own attributes, that derive from arrogant pride. The term originated in Greek mythology with Narcissus, who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

    How many girls do you know that are addicted to taking selfies and doing their make-up in the mirror? Most females are narcissists by nature.

    • www.psychologytoday.com/.../is-there-epidemic-narcissism-today

      This states contrary to your opinion. Men have the more narcissistic personality traits according to a 2009 data survey.
      However, women have been catching up in the coming years.
      I would rather see both sets for women and men go down.

      Culture itself is becoming more rewarding of narcissism.

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    • True but everyone else seemed to get it!!!

    • I still think the majority of women have un-diagnosed narcissistic personality disorder.

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  • Oh boy, story of my life! The behavior you are describing is very typical - they dispose of you when they are done without giving any thought to your feelings. They actually get pleasure in seeing you in pain, it's sick. But remember, they want control, so although they don't want you, they still want you around them because you are part of their "identity". When you ignore them or reject THEM, they can't tolerate it and will do whatever is necessary to get you back. Don't fall for it, be strong. He will repeat the same cycle of abuse.

    • Exactly! You are describing my ex perfectly. I feel like the more I reject him the more he wants me. How do I ever completely get rid of him?

    • No contact. Ignore him, eventually he will give up and move onto his next victim. But don't be surprised if he rears his ugly head every so often just to test you again.

  • No but I strongly believed I lived with one.

    • What did he do specifically that makes you think this?

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    • Yes they are very cold and robot- like, it's scary.

    • Yup. & if you came at her with a concern, it was like she brushed it off like no big deal but when SHE had a concern, it was world war 3.