His Friends and I Don't Get Along?

Basically there in the title. Two of my guy's friends (we're not BF/GF, but have been steady for quite a while) tried to hit on me. I told my guy. He believed me (@ first) and then when THEY told their side, he decided to get mad at ALL of us and cut us off for a couple weeks. Got over it. Moved on. However, now those two "friends" have basically poisoned all of his other friends in that one circle (w/ the exception of two... it's a big group) and we don't get along. One female in particular, I LOATHE. She lies and puts stuff in my guy's ear that he'll believe b/c he's insecure, though he denies that. I'll only bother going out w/ the group if my guy really wants me there (for example: his bday, or a mutual friend's get-together that we all were invited to). My guy has even told me that he's had problems with his friends when it came to females before I came along, but this time it really escalated. It's kind of (not really) hostile and VERY awkward.

My Question: How to deal? Is it a deal-breaker for guys if their friends don't get along with their girl? My guy has other groups of friends, but these people were his main group (if that makes sense).

Forgot to add: my guy has admitted to me that this group is somewhat "toxic". They're all about drinking and smoking (social drinking doesn't bother me, but these people get trashed and constantly egg one another on to get more trashed).. great group


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  • Try talking to him about it, show him he has nothing to be insecure about, you're all his and maybe in front of him show you are doing your best to get along with his friends but its them who aren't putting the effort in