What thing about a girl would make u to make a move?

Like what is the most stunning thing that a girl can do to caught u under her spell?


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  • I don't really know exactly. There were many things (before I was married). Hair, face, eyes, body language, but I suspect they're all rooted in some kind of primary feature... I don't really know how to nail it down. But whatever it is when they used it I was smitten. Probably just grounded in their personality. My wife, for instance, was more outgoing than I and wasn't afraid to express herself. She was a wild silly type. I guess I liked that in a girl, though I didn't know it at the time. That's part of it anyway. The rest is a result of whatever that distinct ingredient is. The way she looked at me, smiled, paid attention to me, talked to me, the way her hair looked and moved. Everything about her became attractive just because of that primal ingredient. I guess the closest word is personality. Beliefs have something to do with it too. Bottom line, the right guy will just love everything about you because of who you are. Just express that. Be you. Be real. That's true enchantment.


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  • Eye contact and smile.. If I see that I attack.

  • Why won't u make a move instead -_-
    Is there a law in the dating game '-'

    • I didn't say there is, it just wasn't the question :)

    • Than go for it. Dont tell meh that its our job. Thats ridiculous but if its not regarding u, she has to dress nice and prepare herself well as in..
      -Nicely done her hair
      -Nice clothe
      -Smells good
      -Lipstick alil abit but dont really matter
      -Act like a real lady with manners
      For meh personally i would only approach shy cuties where they are usually alone and no one is around. Thats my chance to strike c:

  • Have a seven figure checking balance.


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