Is this a good first date idea? Please help, I'm pretty new to asking people out?

So there's a girl I'm interested and I'm pretty sure she's interested in me and I'm planning on asking her to go out on a date this weekend or the next and I'm thinking about going to a place we have out here in Utah called Boondocks (it's a fun center of sorts with mini golf, go karts ect.) but I feel like it may be more of a second date idea but I'm not sure, but also there's the option of taking her to a tea shop (she really likes teas) but I feel like that would be more of a hang out type thing because it's in a mall so I really don't know what to do, anyone have any good ideas? Also I feel like the first idea may come off as kiddish though so I'm stuck on figuring out what to do. x. x


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  • Boondocks is a good idea... bowling? Aquarium? Theatre? Driving Range? Art Gallery? Music Show? Ice skating? Depending on likes and dislikes of course.


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