What girls are stupid enough to go on webcam and do online dating?

i keep getting these guys who message me to view me on wecam. what girl is going to be that freaking STUPID to do such a dumb ass thing ..it could be a creepy perverted ugly fat desperate slobbering child molesting rapist, so why do you girls do it?


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  • regarding the webcam stuff: those girls have low. self. opinion. or they're attention whores.

    regarding the online dating: I don't think online dating is automatically any better or worse a way to meet people as any other method. but I think internet dating has created entire new types of stupidity.


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  • Is it safe to assume your not a fan? The web is full of all types of predators, as is the world. The best we can do is to be mindful of this fact and remain on guard against getting caught up the folly. When I was young, perverts didn't have an internet from which to prey, and were relegated to schoolyards and street corners. It's become much easier for them, but, as has been said, you can't rape the willing. We each have to make our own choices, and be responsible for the consequences. As for on-line dating, I make no judgment here. As with anything, it is what the individuals involved make of it. .

  • Some girls like the attention, simple as that. And I suppose it's like spam email, you send out enough invites eventually someone is going to bite and do it.


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  • They're pathetic sluts.

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