How can I avoid getting used?

A lot of people use the word "love" now as an excuse to get what they want... but how can I really avoid getting use?


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  • You can't avoid it entirely - there is always the risk of being used.

    But you can stack the odds greatly in your favor by not having sex outside of relationships. Like every girl, you will have far more guys who just want to bang you than guys who want a relationship with you. That's normal, and it's because guys can separate sex from love and don't need an emotional connection with a girl in order to want sex from her. Guys will want to bang FAR more girls than just those they are interested in having relationships with.

    But most guys won't enter into a relationship just to get sex - that's too much work and hassle if they don't actually want the relationship. So, if a guy is willing to be in an official, committed relationship with you, the chances of you being used just for sex go way, WAY down compared to girls who are willing to have sex outside of relationships.


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  • Love is the most overused word in the English language besides FU*K of course ;)

    To prevent being used is simply by not letting yourself be used. My girlfriend is strong in her beliefs of what she wants, and I accept that. When you start using love in a serious way there should be legitimate feelings. If you feel you are being used... chances are you are. From the description you are 18-21 so High School - College most likely, you will know when its real and when he is just using you. Always remember to access the situation, if it feels like their is a catch there probably is.


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  • Do you meant emotionally? Financially? be more specific. Sex wise?

    Emotionally = Make sure that their actions compliment the words I love you. Don't invest too much emotion with them if you can help it.
    Financially =Don't lend them money unless you know they are trust worthy (in essense be more careful)
    Sex wise = Either wait till marriage or if you really can't, then that's tough and you'll just have to wait as long as you can and don't jump into bed right away because you really don't know (if they really do like you for more than that or they have an std/sti that they want to share with you).

    Good luck and don't be alone with a guy when you are dating him if you can help it! don't go to his house or in a really intimate/private setting.

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