Do you think im bad at dating or just made the wrong choices?

I have had 4 girlfriends within the past 10 years. None of these relationships lasted over 2 weeks. the first girlfriend was a basketball player in high school about 6 ft tall. I was around 5'1-5'2 at the time. she said that by Christmas if i was taller than her we could start dating, turns out her friends were in on setting everything up. as they were always around when i was with her. the 2nd one just lied too much, everytime i would call to talk to her her mom would lie saying she's not there. the only way i talked to her was MySpace (2007). the 3rd one was summer 2007, actually got to hold hands and everything except kissing or sex with this one. but was kicked out of the summer program i was in for unknown reasons. the 4th one lived too far away and all she wanted was sex. and to get married and have kids within 3 days of meeting her. so i broke that off. as i wasn't gonna rush. Do you think i've been screwed over. or just not found the one


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  • Well, you were a teen during these short lived relationships, weren't you? I wouldn't say you are screwed. I think you just haven't found the one. Young people are finding themselves, sexually, romantically, and in terms of maturity. By the time I was around your age, I had a total of two relationships, though they lasted longer than yours, and several dating situations that just didn't pan out. I think it's a bit too early to say that you're screwed. I think you haven't found a girl who likes you and who you like in return. You'll notice I didn't say "found the one." This is because I don't think there is "the one." For most people, there are many. It's a question of choosing wisely.

    • i was a teen in the first 3 the last one we were both 21

    • Gotcha. That still is rather young. I don't think it's time to say "you're screwed."

      What are you doing to make yourself attractive to women, physically, emotionally, and in terms of what you're doing with your life?

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  • i am suck at dating. join the club :/


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  • I don't think you're bad at dating, perhaps inexperienced as many of us are but I think you just need to meet more people. It doesn't sound like these girls you were talking about were very "good" for you.

    Its not necessarily your fault or a bad decision you made but one trick is to get to know several girls instead of just one. See which ones are "genuinely" interested in you. As long as you don't lead them all on then its harmless. My point is that just because your previous relationship didn't last long, isn't a reflection of you.

    You simply have to meet more people and you will find a girl who wants to be with you because she likes who you are as a person and doesn't lie or just want sex.

    It make take some time but have fun getting to know people... being single doesn't mean you have to feel lonely, make female friends to help give you tips as well.

    • I guess back then i went for the looks rather than personality

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    • kenny chesney is a country singer. and i usually dress pretty well and keep hygenic. i guess i need to work more on the emotiona/ mental appeal although the weight is kinda a factor, but not really a number one thing. i know heavier people who have relationships

    • Yeah, sounds familiar but I don't pay attention to that. Also its good that you dress well and stay on top of your hygiene, continue to do so.

      Don't worry about your physical appearance too much but its good to be "physically active and healthy". Separate the two don't connect your weight with relationships.

      If you want to work on your weight then keep that goal separate from your relationship goals. A lot of people get trapped into a negative thinking when it comes to their physical appearance but don't do that. If you want to work on your weight do it because you want to do it not because you think it'll help you get girls.

      As far as emotional appeal just practice flirting and you'll gain more experience, its nerve wracking at first but eventually the nerves will go away and you'll comfortable talking to women you're interested in. Its a process but try to enjoy it, rejection is meaningless. Dating is a journey, in a way. Your opportunities are limitless!!

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