When is hearing from an ex coming from a genuine place?

my ex has been trying to contact me recently but I am really unsure of why. how do you know when it's coming from a good place vs. they just want an ego stroke and maybe one last fuck?

late night calls vs daytime calls, texts?


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  • I have always found that with an 'EX,' X Marks their Spot And-------Long lost territory. There are many times, with the 'Missing and kissing,' and of course the History as well that was once shared, that Other things 'Shared' too, are Sorely Missed.
    Yes, he most likely is returning for 'Another f*uck,' but I don't believe it would be the ''Last' and final one. Only if you would Continue with the roll in the hay, with his most likely too----Let's be friends with benefits---Would you be putting a nail in your own coffin. With no longer any strings attached, no set ties, this is probably what he has-----Been trying to contact me recently.
    However, my husband in Egypt, although currently separated, we went back together, hundreds of times, and in the end, he thought it best for a 'Friends with benefits' factor because his motives were----You're no wife, you cheated on me, and I don't see where you will be coming back here to live with me again.
    Good luck. xx

  • Hmmm.. It depends on what he says on these texts. Is your ex the type to want an ego stroke?

    See mine is not like that (he has had many opportunities and never has acted on those) so if he kept trying to contact me, I would presume that he has something of importance to tell me.


    • I think he could want an ego stroke, but in the past his efforts to contact me have been to get in touch with me. the text just said "hey what's up?"

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    • I would but I'm just really worried he'd say something like that again. we weren't exclusive because he had just gotten out of a really long term relationship (7 years), and the only one he'd ever been in. the thing I did was a guy at a party kissed me, and I kissed him back. it was right in front of my ex. he wouldn't even admit that it was that he was mad about, yet he was furious at me. it's all so confusing, I would just hope he would try to come back into my life by calling me sober and meaning it. i'm just really scared.

    • You can not be afraid of something like that. You will never get anywhere in life if you remain like that. You will end up regretting not telling him. He deserves to hear it from you.