What am I doing wrong? I just don't understand!! I'm a great catch!?

I've been single a little over a year and been trying to date.. But the problem is, do men not take women out on dates anymore? I don't like to just 'hangout' or if a guy can't make a plan, I just simply won't go.

I'm very strong headed, loud and opinionated. I'm a nurse and planning to further my education soon. I'm not clingy, bossy, bitchy or distrusting.. I honestly think I'm a great catch but why don't men see it?

I want a man that knows what he wants. Does that exist? Am I just missing something here. It's not like I'm begging and desperate for a date.. Because I'm not but I just don't see what the problem is. What do men want and how do I figure that out?


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  • Men that know what they want don't exist just like women that know what they want don't exist. Most guys would rather "hangout" or "chill" because A.) if you say no it doesn't feel like a complete rejection and B.) a relaxed environment is way more comfortable than a strict date. And on top of that I personally would not pay for a elaborate date with a woman who I didn't know if I wanted a relationship with or not. Planning dates is also something that isn't seen as a quality foray. I general outlined is more preferred because it leaves things flexible if some unfortunate event were to occur.


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  • I really like your point of view, i don't want girl
    whose just sexual i totally like your point of views
    I agree with you, if a guy has no plans for a date
    you should refuse him, i wish there was more
    girls out there like you, their really hard to find
    I'm age 46 never had actual sex with a female
    cause i want girl whose for real no sluts, who
    just wants me to give her sex than dump me
    Yes people can call me liar, crazy but it's true
    i want something real and for you i agree
    your not asking too much you want meet a real
    man to date not some asshole who wants get in
    your pants

  • They want a hot girl who is horny and can cook for them and listen to their problems and rub their ego. They want a girl who will share and support their passion.

  • U just have to put yourself out there. Join groups where there will be guys. Try to Han out in public more often. Don't be shy to guys. Talk to them. Maybe even approach them if u have the audacity for it.

    Bars are a little sketchy but they could work. Not every guy who goes to a bar is looking for a one night stand. So keep that in mind.

    You can also try online dating if all else fails. I know a few people that found their lover that way.

  • Have you tried turning it on and back off again?

  • You said you are loud and opinionated. That's very intimidating for a lot of guys. Try toning that down just a little and I bet you will get asked out more.


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