Mature guys, what do you think of a woman who has just come out of a long term relationship?

What would you think if you met an amazing young woman, who had her head on straight and her life in order, her education and her work, but she told you her last relationship was 7 years long and she was faithful and had a child with this man, but then he cheated on her and left her (romantically, but still raises his child).

Would you run the other way, knowing that this woman is not looking for a random hookup but a relationship of substance? If you knew that she had trust issues and would always be in contact with this other man because of their child.

Would you even bother? This question is for mature men.. about 25+ years.


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  • It really depends. Being a single parent doesn't bother me, as my son lives with me as well. Having come out of a long relationship wouldn't bother me either, as I was married for almost 10 years.

    The trust issue would be my concern. I have plenty of bad memories when it comes to heartbreaks, but I'd never allow my past relationship "demons" to get in the way of what could be amazing with someone new. They didn't hurt me, & they deserve the benefit of the doubt starting out.

    Overall, I get you're hurt, worried, & you have responsibilities to your child (believe me, I know). But don't think some guys wouldn't be interested. Just be very picky on who you choose to give a chance. It's a package deal now. If someone has a problem with it, it just means they're not for you. Take your time.


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  • At 57 i'm probably a tad more 'mature' than what you wanted, but personally i learned a very long time ago to never get involved with a woman who had a child unless i was prepared to be recruited as 'daddy'. I give the same warning to guys on here, mainly those who are 22-25. I mean no harm, but women can fool themselves into thinking it's all for fun and therefore come across as quite alluring. In the end, though, concerns for the child WILL intrude and the guy will end up feeling pressured. Always.

    • I agree but in my case my child is 50% taken care of by her father. Even though he was unfaithful to me he is totally dedicated to our child. I'm not seeking a man to be my child's father. In fact, I wouldn't ever bring the guy I'm seeing into my child's life unless I'm SURE I'm going to marry him (engaged at least.) I just don't see how it's fair for guys to avoid me because I have a child, and because my ex decided to be a crappy person to me. It's like getting punished twice.

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    • Actually I haven't dated at all. I haven't been asked out or put myself out there, mostly for the fear of guys my age thinking I just want someone to fill my ex's shoes (which is not the case at all.) I honestly don't think I'm ready to date anyway, as it's not my top priority right now. It's just a hypothetical question.

    • " I just don't see how it's fair for guys to avoid me because I have a child, and because my ex decided to be a crappy person to me. It's like getting punished twice.'
      Sorry, but that doesn't sound particularly hypothetical, and even if it is, it comes dangerously close to being presumptuous about how guys will respond. If you are presuming that far down the road, the only reason for that level of prediction is that you know they will have a problem with it.

  • I entered a relationship that matches what you describe, when I was 20 years old. The woman was 30. It lasted 3 years, but that is beside the point. There are men in their 20s who are mature minded and look for serious commitment. Hope you can find the right one.


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