Girl sometimes takes jokes too seriously... Does she not like me anymore?

Dating her for about 3 months. I know she can't take sarcasm too much, but she at least has a sense of humor. Lately she takes my jokes way too seriously... Am I just doing too hard to be "funny" and failing... or does she not find me funny anymore. Is she even interested?

granted... I do have dumb jokes here and there... but don't we all?


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  • When girls tend to stop taking your jokes as funny and taking them seriously they want you to see them more seriously as well. They don't want to be your "friend" that your joking around with but the boyfriend who is going to go out of their way to make her happy. Yea us girls are confusing

    • I'll treat her more seriously next time... especially now that I'm considering on taking the next step with her

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  • It Can be Just diffrence in humor sense.. At the beginning of relation all people play some game.. Are playing sb better.. in some time everybody put off mask... real person appears.

  • What kind of jokes do you say?

    • I don't do cruel jokes. She might be watching a Kdrama, and I'd ask "who's got cancer?" (Kdramas usually has at least one main character who's about to die). She wouldn't get it...

    • lol that's funny

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