When is the right time to tell someone you love them? And what is the best way?

So I've been talking to this guy for six months and I've always known I loved him but lately that's all I think about. I kinda feel like I should say it but idk...


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  • When you know a relationship is right when you can tell the love is real, pure
    the guy isn't just looking for sex that's the type of guy you want

    • Very true. That's how I feel. But he's very reserved. Specially in matters of the heart. How do I know he's ready?:/

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    • I believe people show you they love you rather than tell you. So I always thought he did. In the way that he looked at me. And the things that come randomly apart from sex. Like the kisses on the head and forehead n cheek. In the middle of him telling me a story or for no reason at all. The way he always extends his hand to me in the car n makes no big deal about the little things. I don't know I'm a girl. I'm naive about these things and hopeful. I don't know what is real. But I know that what he does is enough for me to fall in love with him over and over.

    • Yes i agree special things mean lot , you really got feel real love from your partner to know you love them and they love you

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  • There is no perfect length of time, but if I were to tell a girl that I love her. I would do it while we were cuddling and I would look right in her eyes and tell her.

    • That would be a good a time as any... I do wanna catch his reaction cause the first reaction is usually the truthful one.

  • now if you fill say it don't hid your filling you might not have another chance


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  • My boyfriend told me two weeks into our relationship.. if the times right you will know.

    • Thank you. I just don't know how lol.

    • Do it when you guys are cuddling or something. Or make him dinner and tell him while you guys are eating (:

    • Lol that's perfect actually. Food is definitely the way to his heart.