What is your ideal girl or guy?

I am 19. I am timid, skittish, introverted, tend to be shy. I have a deeper voice than most girls. I am a virgin. And... a hermaphrodite.


I like to draw and read. I play video games. I shy away from arguments and fights. I rarely raise my voice or get angry. I like to cook food. I enjoy cleaning and taking care of other people.

I mean to put in the space above: My ideal guy or girl is someone who jsut accepts me for me. I don't really care for looks or a specific personality. Just somebody who would love me.


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  • -_- not going to lie. You're my ideal girl. You want to be loved for who you are and I can totally relate to that. I'm a vegetarian who loves animals and I'm trying to go vegan. I go out of my way to help others but I want someone at my side who can be the fruit of my efforts. One day I play on being a peace officer. But for now ill work my boring security guard job at least its full-time and I'm still young. (20) Also I'm agnostic. Raised a Hindu, studied Christianity and Buddhism. Still agnostic lol.


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  • My ideal girl is someone over 18, and has a good personality. Isn't a whore. Lol. And likes punk, metal, rock, indie, etc... Wears skinny jeans and puts as much effort into their hair as I do. And has tats, piercings, gauges, but those things are optional, but a big plus. I also like skinny chicks.


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  • Cool description :)

    I'm 24 and obsessed with soundtracks. And steak.

    My ideal guy is... not real. What I want simply does not exist.

  • I am very old fashioned so my ideal guy is old fashioned too. He is taller than me and has a smile that can make me go all crazy. He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to talk about stuff, doesn't matter what it is just tell me, but still he must be able to just sit with me and listen to the rain.

    • Oh yes and of course he must love me, like he must love me so much that he makes me love myself. Does that make sense? Like all the errors I have he must lie them I don't want to change.

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    • i hope you find him c:

    • I think she will definitely. :-)

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