Why am I always second best?

My girlfriend treats me like shit she is pregnant but her friends always come first i don't understand why. They tell her i won't do anything and her family hates me.

She tells me she doesn't need me for the baby. She thinks im not going to do anything. I'm honestly considering leaving and telling her to let her family and friends support the child.

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  • I cannot vote on whether you stay or leave since that has to be strictly up to you. Do what makes you happy. By no means should you commit yourself to someone unless your heart is in it 100%... Although, you have a child on the way. And with that comes responsibility. What kind of father do you want to be? Leave her if you want but don't leave your child. Get a job (if you don't already have one) and prepare to provide your share in the caring and support of him or her. Plan on establishing a good relationship with your child and never mind what your baby mama thinks - or her friends and family for that matter. Prepare to do what's expected of you (by paying child support) because if you don't, you'll probably end up in jail.


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  • She doesn't have the least bit of respect for you. Unfortunately, the child being in the picture really complicates things.
    Have a heart to heart with her about how her lack of respect is detrimental to the relationship.
    Then you need to make yourself into someone respectable,

  • Im gonna leave her with out a doubt. Yeah, gonna leave her wiht out any hesitation.
    I think i know you asker.

  • I think you should leave, it's fucked up and all but it's your girlfriends fault for not wanting to keep you around so there is no point

  • Why stay with such a miserable bitch? What is wrong with you?