Am I wasting my time with him?

I started dating this guy back in June. We get along great and both have busy work schedules and live about an hour and a half away from one another. I do plan on relocating in about a year to his location. Not because of him, but I've always planned on living there.

Fast forward to now, we have been dating on/off for two months. Last month he had to take the bar in order to be a lawyer so I didn't hear/text him much. I also started a new job as a registered nurse a couple of months ago. He is now done with the bar and I'm beginning to feel more comfortable at work. However, we still hardly text and have not gotten on a deeper level even though he texts me every day. I've tried not texting him and it seems he'll text me more... He says he is busy at the moment and apologizes but I don't want to keep waiting around for him. I like him and wouldn't mind the busy schedule if we weren't dating and trying to get to know each other. Am I ultimately wasting my time here?


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  • No. He is making an effort. Thus he does care for you. You need to be more patient with him.

    "The lotus does not simply grow in a night but in months"



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