Reasons a guy would cut you off after pursuing you?

A met a guy online and we had great chemistry & hit it off immediately. He asked me to watch a football match with him and I agreed but the day before he asked to reschedule as he was sick (which I believe). I went away for a few days and he continued chatting to me nonetheless.

When I got back, he asked me on a Monday to have dinner with him on the Friday night. He was saying how much he was looking forward to it etc. etc. but on the day, a few hours before, he asked again if we could reschedule as he had been called into work. A few hours later I saw him on Instagram at the football with his friends, clearly drunk. I had asked if he wanted to meet for a drink after the game and he said he'd be there but never turned up.

I found out this week that he is moving to another state in a month. Would this make any difference?

I'm dumbfounded as to what happened and why he would do that. We have a mutual friend who I was speaking to before the date, and she said he is a great guy who treats girls well. Despite what he did, I believe this which makes it harder to let go of.

This is my theory: He started pursuing me, hoping to woo me and then get me to hook up with him. When his conscience kicked in that said I'm a good chick & not the hook up type, he cancelled because he got the sense I'm not the hook up type & he wasn't looking for anything serious.

What do you think? Any other theories?


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  • It's usually to do with a loss of interest or new girl that has entered the scene that has captured his attention.

    • A loss of interest in 24 hours after a month of pursuing me? That's kinda weird. If it were me, I'd just go on the date and then reevaluate. Or better yet, not make plans at all...

    • He's moving to another state in a month, so he probably thinks that pursuing you just isn't worth his time.

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