I`m afraid to date a 19 year old man?

I`m keeping this short: There`s a guy (19) that I met on fb. We have some mutual friends in real life. A few months ago we chatted and even texted (he asked my number) Then he asked for a date. He suggested the cinema or his place. Now that`s where I got confused. I`m only a 16 year old, so why would he even be interested? He bought a car, has his own place and works. I`m in 11th grade, naive/insecure/dreamer/virgin.. Everything that a guy wouldn`t want at that age (at any age I think), especially one that is ready to settle down. Don`t they like ambitious, dominant, (etc).. women? So, me NOT being so naive this time, I just ignored him.. knowing his intentions. Yesterday he started talking to me again on fb and reminded me that I promised him a date. So he asked me out again. I don`t know what to do. I feel flattered, I really do. But I`m just afraid that if I go to his place something will happen.. So I lied to him and said that my parents won`t let me even if wanted to, here`s what he answered: ``Do you want this 1%? Let the 99% behind. If I know it`s 2-sided i`ll talk to them and make sure we can go out `` After that I ignord him again. I can`t keep ignoring him can I? Tell me what to do


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  • Girl. Trust me; the only thing he's interested in is what's between your legs. No worthwhile, high quality 19 year old guy who happens to be a good man and have his sh*t together is going to be trying to date a 16 year old. No offense, but you two are at totally different phases in life. Any time a 19 year old who shows an interest in teenagers it's a red flag! It usually means he plans on taking advantage of you and trying to get away with stuff females in his own age group won't tolerate. Not only that, but he had no respect for your parent's wishes and selfishly tried to get you to go against them. That's another red flag!

    Honey, you need to be more assertive otherwise this perv is going to keep harassing you. Straight up tell him "Look. You are way too old for me. You know it is ILLEGAL for you to be trying to take me on a date and in some states you can be CRIMINALLY CHARGED for coercing a minor? I already told you no. Stop being pushy." I think it's best if you block him from FB too.

    Please don't be stupid. Not only is it ILLEGAL, but it's shady and the fact that he's so desperate and in your face about it is CREEPY. Plenty of young females have been raped because a guy flattered them... : / please don't become one of them.

    • In my country 16 is the legal age for sex under 16 is illegal but I know most countries are 18 though. You're with the fact that he just wants sex.

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    • Roarke... okay? No, I won't excuse you. Any 19 year old man who has an interest in an adolescence is disgusting.

    • Richard, just because YOU think this answer is stupid doesn't mean it actually is. For example, I think YOUR comment is not only stupid, but it makes you look like a pervert. Any 19 year old who is interested in a 16 year old kid looks pathetic to women his age and up and looks like a perverted weirdo to females under his age. IT'S WEIRD.

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  • This guy is a perv he is an adult you are a child he has only one thing in mind and that is to take your innocence ifr he found you on FB he has found others,

    If he knows you are underage and that has not scared him away he is a sexual predator he knows exactly what he is doing. You need to let your parents know so they can protect you will they be upset yes but think for a moment put yourself in their shoes their daughter who they love and try to protect is being pursued online by an unseen predator. Tell your parents and let them protect you,

    This is to much for you to take on by yourself. NEVER agree to meet with this perv he does not care about you and trust me you are not the only girl he is contacting.

    Please be safe.

    I hope this helps.

  • 19 is far from a man , still a boy. That prob just wants sex I know that's all my friends and I wanted at that age !

  • 20 plus guys should be dating girls their own age, NOT trying to get laid by more naive teens.

    • 19 yo guys guys should be dating girls their own age, NOT trying to get laid by more naive teens.

    • If everyone stays in is his age category there's no problem.
      ALWAYS ask WHY a guy doesn't try it with girls his own age.

  • well age shouldn't matter its only 3 years if you were 18 and he was 21 it would seem normal. its only cause your a minor it seems wrong.

  • He suggested that the first date be at his place? lol

    • That`s bad right?

    • awwww... soooo cute. *pinches cheek*

      yeah he wants sex.

    • Hahaha dude.. ok I think I get it now..

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  • That my dear is a lie. Trust me. I met this kind of guy. I only spent 4days with him through Yahoo Messenger. This one is a great liar. I know. That is why I dont give up trying to find a dirt on him. But lucky me, I have my own of finding out that he was using someone else pic and he wasn't everything he told me.

    This guy u met online, aite? He won't stop because he knows, some part of you want him. I won't say sex is what he aimed but we never know, I'd just say there is something he wants from you. 19 is not the age to have a car and a job (unless his father is one goddamn wealthy businessman). IGNORE HIM. BLOCK HIM.

    You are still young, my dear. Don't get loneliness get the best of you and accept a guy u know nothing about. :)

  • Im 16, dating a 19 year old. There really isn't that much of a difference. He is more serious with the relationship, mature, experienced and no so insecure. I feel way safer, and better taken care of with him. But if you don't wan't to, then don't. It's completely okay, to tell him you don't feel comfortable with his age.

  • really up to you.. when i was 17 i was dating a 23 year old, but i was pretty mature for my age since my friends were all like 18+ and now im 18, he's 24 and were still dating. my parents are ok with it plus we both get a long so well

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