Do you think this guy is dodgy?

I'm 20 and I was talking to a 23 year old I met out. He was kind, funny, nice and we really hit it off.
Our first date went amazingly and after talking for a few more weeks I started to get feelings for him. We arranged a second date and he said he couldn't wait to meet me...
I was quite excited so told a friend... and worriedly she told me she thought she knew his girlfriend. I asked him straight and he point blank denied it, saying 'We did use to go out, but things weren't going to well so just I'm seeing her, but that's as far as it goes' & (although immature) his Facebook status was 'Single'. I didn't mind, as dating around isn't uncommon.

I believed him, we had a great connection and our second date is tomorrow. But, after doing a bit of research (I'm a little wary about this situation) I found that most of her Twitter posts are about him spending time with her & her family, and in one she does call him her 'boyfriend' & a few of her instagram photos of them as a couple.

I do really like this guy & want to believe him. Either she hasn't gotten over it, or he's a cheat. I want to ask him about it, but I'm not sure how to bring it up without sounding like I'm interrogating him?


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  • I don't know. Sounds like he's playing the field. If he's hanging out with her family, it seems like more than just seeing her. Don't get too emotionally attached to this guy. It's only been one date. If it starts to get serious, then I would ask him about her. If you don't believe him, then that tells you a lot. Trust is very important in a relationship.


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  • Stop driving yourself nuts looking around on the internet to check all aspects about him. How old are those posts and pictures?
    Just go out and have fun. See where this goes and don't become that stalker that is all up in his business when nothing has happened other than a date and some talking.
    If you two become a couple, then just ask him about this other woman and what happened.

    • One was only taken yesterday... and the post about him being her boyfriend was from Thursday :S haha
      I'm going to become a stalker, I just hate drama and I don't want to upset anyone unnecessarily!

    • Drama sucks! Sounds like he has baggage and will cause drama. At the very least if she is nothing more than an obsessed ex, she will cause problems.
      If you want to see him again, just post something on his Facebook about going out with him and let him handle his drama if he isn't available.
      If he is playing you, its his loss.

  • I suggest you try not to think about it. Enjoy the next date as if you never knew. Just try to remain a bit neutral, I mean don't fall too hard. Remember, there are so many men that you could date without much effort. You seem quite attractive. Anyway, if it turns out he's a player, or he isn't entirely over his girlfriend or something like that, don't fret. His loss and on to someone worthy. Wish you the best : ]

    • Thank you, this is quite a good idea & that's very sweet!
      You too :3

  • maybe she doesn't get they're not together and just dating around.

  • i wouldn't worry too much about it until it got sexual. when where the instagram pics taken? he was probably seeing her a while ago but like he said they are just dating now. or so he says. and even if he was a cheat its not your fault.

    • They were taken yesterday! :S haha
      She's tagged 'Couple' & 'Love' so...

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