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Say you broke up with a guy, you asked him not to talk to you, then during the time when you are out clubbing, you text him at midnight friday night, and text him I'm sorry you hate me?

Then she got mad when I finally did text her about an errand we were going to do together, She said," Why are you asking me to help you, I gave you that gift and you only text me about your gift" when she says you only text me, does that mean she wanted me to text her about something else if so what?


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  • She sounds way too demanding for someone who just broke up with you. She's acting very entitled and controlling, like she has the right to contact you whenever she feels like it but if you contact her you can only say exactly what she wants to hear. Don't feed into it, it's not your job to reassure her that you still like her and want to have nice little conversations with her after she dumped you. Just act dismissive and say, "Well, that's what I needed to talk about." She's not gonna be satisfied unless you're still adoring her and even then she probably wouldn't be much nicer to you.

    • Why would she want me to still be adoring her, what kind of game is she playing.

    • Because she likes the attention and the ego boost from having someone want her even if she doesn't want him.

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  • Ok what it sounds like this girl wants is reassurance because she was wondering if you hated her but when you did reply you started talking about an errand you guys were going to do together. To you it was nothing so you started back were you were, but for her it seemed like you only texted her for your gift when she wanted to hear that you didn't hate or anything like that. I suggest calling her to straighten that out instead of texting.

    • Well I responded to her do you hate me........ text with, "ok....what does it matter?" I don't know if that was the right thing to say but I said it I was just trying to save face, I don't hate her I was still hurt. But she bought me a girft in Vegas and she admitted and got the wrong one and while we were together we said that I would return and get the right one. Since I was going I just asked her she got it and was like all p*ssed called me a jerk, why are you only talking to me about that,

    • The reason why she felt like that was because it "seemed" like you are just thinking of yourself and your gift when she wanted to know if you hated her or not. If you you told her that you didn't hate her but you still were hurt yeah it wasn't the right thing to say unfortunately.

    • Ok so what should have I said, see I think she wants to talk, I mean I think she cheated she denies it, she assumes that my ex before her are back together which is untrue, do you think it would be a good idea just to call her and say hey if you want to talk let me know, We have made assumptions about each other that aren't true I think we should talk, tell the truth, come clean and say anything else we need to say, so we or at least I can move on. Because I part of me says she wants to talk

  • She's not your girlfriend she doesn't haev the right to demand you to do things like that. By the looks of it she's kinda needy and you know what they say, when you feed stray cats they won't stop coming back. Tell her you need your space and if you texted about the gift it's because you felt like not because she told you ot or because you had to. It's your life now, she broke up with YOU remember?


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