Explain how play fighting like?

I play with my crush every day and im not sure if its counted as flirting can someone describe how is play fighting as flirting like?


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  • Play fighting is when you punch her right in the throat, and then say "just kidding" afterwards. It's super important that you say "just kidding", because otherwise people might think you're a dick


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  • What you do is grabbed her not snatch her but you gently grab her around her waist or legs and place her on the floor not push her place her and you get on top of her maybe tickle her play with her hair if you wanna keep it going so she doesn't say stop let her get on top. You have to be really gentle but firm with the grip so she wants to keep going and gets turned on

    • Grab*

    • It depends on how you play with her if you grab her below the waist or stomach it's flirting and above its joking

    • nah we jusr playfully hit each other and have lots of physical contact

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