Re-asking out an old crush?

5 months ago I asked this girl for her number because I wanted to "get to know her more" and think I could have gone about it a better way and actually asked her out. She told me that she would email me her number and never did and I pretty much stopped talking to her after that.

I am thinking of re-asking her out during the first week of school and saying that I remember she kind of turned me down last year and have been thinking about her lately (I have - for some reason, even though she never really flirted) or showed interest and was wondering if she was willing to rethink her decision and wanted to go for a hike sometime...

Or should I just leave it be?



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  • You should ask her out but dont mention last time. last time it might have just because he had no idea u liked her and didn't get the hint about the phone number so this time make ur intentions really clear ;)


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  • If you are going to ask her out, don't bring up the rejection last year, just behave as though it never happened.

    • Should I remind her who I am and be like, "Hey, remember me from last year?" and make some small talk and then ask her out?

    • She'll know who you are, just make some small talk and then ask her out.

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