Meet and date online?

How would i know if a guy is serious on his intentions on knowing bout me when we only have met and talked through online site? Any hints or suggestions?

I forgot to add. We're continent's apart. My time zone is 8 hours ahead of him.


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  • That is the only way I have been dating since my divorce was final in January. I started dating in March.
    You need to chat a little bit. but if it seems right then you need to meet. and there is no way to know if your going to click until you meet. That is why I try and setup a meeting as soon as possible. because of scheduling and such I texted with a woman for almost 2 weeks. we got along great. then we meet and she is like "I just don't feel a spark" . well I am one that believes you really don't need a spark. sometimes that grows with time. but what a waste of 2 weeks. so I want to chat for a day or two then meet.
    I have had a lot of success with Tinder and POF. com
    I am on Match. com but it sucks... don't waste your money.


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  • you gotta meet him in person and get to know him. that's like the only way. human interaction that can be proven.

  • Your best to try talking on Skype/ Web-cam service of
    some sort to get to know him better these apps you
    put in phones maybe look for one you can chat with
    to talk face to face to him, always remember if someone
    doesn't want talk than their no use to wasting your time
    the same goes for me any girl wants talk than it needs to be
    Skype/ Web-cam service of some sort l don't do phone
    apps i want see the girl face to face but your best
    to talk on chat / email to get to know someone
    online dating a high risk and I do say that the Internet
    is a chance we take

  • Online dating is all about trust show some trust if he is the right guy he will also give u respect if not the move onnn.:)


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