So he added me on Facebook... what does this mean? Help me out!?

So my ex and I were together for almost 3 and half years we broke up about a year and a half ago. We haven't talked since and we have dated other people, he made a new Facebook during that time. He did not add me until a few days ago. What exactly does this mean? is he thinking of me or something or just curious about what I am up to? Or is this maybe a sign of some sort?


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  • I added an ex boyfriend a while ago, just because I was finally over him and I knew that whatever I could see there wouldn't bother me anymore. He didn't accept though, and he explained that he still has feelings for me and it would bother him.
    But in your situation it's hard to tell. He might have added you because he's over you and he wants to stay friends, just like I did with my ex, or he's feeling nostalgic and misses you. You won't find out unless you talk to him.

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