Does it sound like he was trying to say he wants a relationship?

So me and this guy have been seeing each other for quite a while. We were friends with benefits beforehand for about a year and after ending it we both realised we had feelings for each other and decided to start seeing each other. We're both unsure what we want at the moment, due to bad past experiences.

While debating something the other day he said your so self contradicting you say you don't want a relationship but get funny with me when I speak about other girls. Which okay I know I shouldn't but I try & keep a lid on it.

I then explained it was because I won't get in a relationship with him because trust, respect and loyalty is my musts to do so an how I don't trust him enough or unsure about any of them.

He then writ 'if you don't trust me then you wouldn't talk to me... Respect is mutual and I'm the most loyalist person I even know!' Why would someone try and persuade someone that they're all the things they want in a relationship if they aren't ready for one yet either?


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  • Well let me ask you this... are you both still being sexual together? Perhaps he's just saying sweet things to keep you in his bed. He's really smart actually. He knows that if he doesn't try to act like he's into you, he might lose you and indirectly the sex you're giving him. Of course my theory could be wrong. I doubt you should read too much into this either way. If he hasn't been doing much to make you think he sees you in a serious way then I wouldn't keep looking for signs. Ultimately his actions should show he's romantically interested in you and not just his words.

    • We are still sexual but nothing like we used to be... Plus I know it's not just sex as he said to me the other day 'you don't always have to make things sexual you know.'

      He has done affectionate things like why staying the night he ended up cuddling me in the middle of the night. He held my hand why i feel asleep. Keeps trying to get me to bump into his mum. Invited me to his friends party to meet his friends. Calling me affectionate things like telling me I'm pretty, smart, caring ect.

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    • He's told me he likes me but he isn't ready for a relationship that's why

    • Well maybe he likes you but just not as more than that? Sometimes you still like a person but just don't get that romantic feelings for that person that makes you want to commit to them and be with them and only them. There's a vast difference is enjoying someone's company and wanting to actually be with them.